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We dedicate ourselves to helping small business owners get the most from their WordPress site.

As a small business owner, your website validates your business and reflects on the way you are perceived by your customers.  Most small businesses do not drive a significant portion of their revenue or lead generation from their website, however this does not mean you can ignore it.  Especially when there are glaring technical issues that prevent the it from working properly.  Often times, customers will give your website a quick look before engaging with your business.  It does not have to be an expensive high end site, but it does need to work properly.

Researching solutions to WordPress technical issues or making improvements to their website can be a daunting task.  That is where we come in!  We have dedicated ourselves to helping small business owners get the most from their WordPress site.

WordPress fixes that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Our non invasive WordPress scan helps us find issues on WordPress sites and lets us reach out to the owners to let them know.  Often times site owners did not even know there was a problem, but when they look they can clearly see that it needs to be fixed. The price for our services far outweighs the cost in your time to research the problem and fix it.  We offer reliable fixes and peace of mind in knowing that the issue has been taken care of properly.  


Eric Heilig


About Me

I am a passionate Software Engineer with 20 years of experience as a full stack software engineer across multiple industry verticals. People know me for my attention to detail, the ability to identify customer needs, and provide effective solutions that meet those needs.  I am motivated by a make it work attitude that drives me to find creative and achievable solutions, within budget and timeline.